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static function Lerp(from: Vector3, to: Vector3, t: float): Vector3;
static Vector3 Lerp(Vector3 from, Vector3 to, float t);
static def Lerp(from as Vector3, to as Vector3, t as float) as Vector3


Linearly interpolates between two vectors.

Interpolates between from and to by the fraction t. This is most commonly used to find a point some fraction of the way along a line between two endpoints (eg, to move an object gradually between those points). This fraction is clamped to the range [0...1]. When t = 0 returns from. When t = 1 returns to. When t = 0.5 returns the point midway between from and to.

	// Transforms to act as start and end markers for the journey.
	var startMarker: Transform;
	var endMarker: Transform;
	// Movement speed in units/sec.
	var speed = 1.0;
	// Time when the movement started.
	private var startTime: float;
	// Total distance between the markers.
	private var journeyLength: float;
	var target : Transform;
	var smooth = 5.0;
	function Start() {
		// Keep a note of the time the movement started.
		startTime = Time.time;
		// Calculate the journey length.
		journeyLength = Vector3.Distance(startMarker.position, endMarker.position);
	// Follows the target position like with a spring
	function Update () {
		// Distance moved = time * speed.
		var distCovered = (Time.time - startTime) * speed;
		// Fraction of journey completed = current distance divided by total distance.
		var fracJourney = distCovered / journeyLength;
		// Set our position as a fraction of the distance between the markers.
		transform.position = Vector3.Lerp(startMarker.position, endMarker.position, fracJourney);
using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour {
    public Transform startMarker;
    public Transform endMarker;
    public float speed = 1.0F;
    private float startTime;
    private float journeyLength;
    public Transform target;
    public float smooth = 5.0F;
    void Start() {
        startTime = Time.time;
        journeyLength = Vector3.Distance(startMarker.position, endMarker.position);
    void Update() {
        float distCovered = (Time.time - startTime) * speed;
        float fracJourney = distCovered / journeyLength;
        transform.position = Vector3.Lerp(startMarker.position, endMarker.position, fracJourney);
import UnityEngine
import System.Collections

public class ExampleClass(MonoBehaviour):

	public startMarker as Transform

	public endMarker as Transform

	public speed as float = 1.0F

	private startTime as float

	private journeyLength as float

	public target as Transform

	public smooth as float = 5.0F

	def Start() as void:
		startTime = Time.time
		journeyLength = Vector3.Distance(startMarker.position, endMarker.position)

	def Update() as void:
		distCovered as float = ((Time.time - startTime) * speed)
		fracJourney as float = (distCovered / journeyLength)
		transform.position = Vector3.Lerp(startMarker.position, endMarker.position, fracJourney)

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