Version: 2017.2


public static bool lightsUseLinearIntensity ;


如果此属性为 true,Light 强度乘以线性颜色值。如果为 false,则使用伽马颜色值。

Light intensity is multiplied by the linear color value when lightsUseLinearIntensity is enabled. This is physically correct but not the default for 3D projects created with Unity 5.6 and newer. By default lightsUseLinearIntensity is set to false.

2D projects will have lightsUseLinearIntensity set to disabled by default. When disabled, the gamma color value is multiplied with the intensity. If you want to use lightsUseColorTemperature, lightsUseLinearIntensity has to be enabled to ensure physically correct output.

If you enable lightsUseLinearIntensity on an existing project, all your Lights will need to be tweaked to regain their original look.

See Also: GraphicsSettings.lightsUseColorTemperature, Light.colorTemperature.