Image Effect Scripts

This group handles all Render Texture-based fullscreen image postprocessing effects. They are only available with Unity Pro. They add a lot to the look and feel of your game without spending much time on artwork.

All image effects make use of Unity's OnRenderImage function which any MonoBehavior attached to a camera can overwrite to accomplish a wide range of custom effects.

Image effects can be executed directly after the opaque pass or after opaque and transparent passes (default). The former behavior can very easily be acquired by adding the attribute ImageEffectOpaque to the OnRenderImage function of the effect in question. For an example of an effect doing this, have a look at the Edge Detection effect.

The scene used in above pages looks like this without any image effects applied:

Scene with no image postprocessing effects.

Multiple image effects can be "stacked" on the same camera. Just add them and it will work.

Blur and Noise applied to the same camera.

Page last updated: 2012-11-16