Version: 2019.2


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public bool fillClockwise ;


Whether the Image should be filled clockwise (true) or counter-clockwise (false).

This willl only have any effect if the Image.type is set to Image.Type.Filled and Image.fillMethod is set to any of the Radial methods.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using UnityEngine.UI; // Required when Using UI elements.

public class FillClockwiseScript : MonoBehaviour { public Image healthCircle;

// This method sets the direction of the health circle. // Clockwise for the Player, Counter Clockwise for the opponent. void SetHealthDirection(GameObject target) { if (target.tag == "Player") { healthCircle.fillClockwise = true; } else if (target.tag == "Opponent") { healthCircle.fillClockwise = false; } } }