Version: 2020.2


class in Unity.Jobs.LowLevel.Unsafe

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Static class containing functionality to create, run and debug jobs.

정적 변수

CacheLineSizeSize of a cache line.
IsExecutingJobReturns true if we this is called from inside of a C# job.
JobCompilerEnabledWhen disabled, forces jobs that have already been compiled with burst to run in mono instead. For example if you want to debug the C# jobs or just want to compare behaviour or performance.
JobDebuggerEnabledEnables and disables the job debugger at runtime. Note that currently the job debugger is only supported in the Editor. Thus this only has effect in the editor.
JobWorkerCountCurrent number of worker threads available to the Unity JobQueue.
JobWorkerMaximumCountMaximum number of worker threads available to the Unity JobQueue (Read Only).
MaxJobThreadCountMaximum job thread count.

정적 함수

CreateJobReflectionDataCreates job reflection data.
GetJobRangeReturns the begin index and end index of the range.
GetWorkStealingRangeReturns the work stealing range.
PatchBufferMinMaxRangesInjects debug checks for min and max ranges of native array.
ResetJobWorkerCountReset JobWorkerCount to the Unity adjusted value.
ScheduleSchedule a single IJob.
ScheduleParallelForSchedule a IJobParallelFor job.
ScheduleParallelForDeferArraySizeSchedule a IJobParallelFor job.
ScheduleParallelForTransformSchedule an IJobParallelForTransform job.
ScheduleParallelForTransformReadOnlySchedule an IJobParallelForTransform job with read-only access to the transform data. This method provides better parallelization because it can read all transforms in parallel instead of just parallelizing across transforms in different hierarchies.