Version: 2020.1
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public Vector2 mainTextureScale ;


The scale of the main texture.

By default, Unity considers a texture with the property name name "_MainTex" to be the main texture. Use the [MainTexture] ShaderLab Properties attribute to make Unity consider a texture with a different property name to be the main texture.

This is the same as calling Material.GetTextureScale or Material.SetTextureScale with the property name of the main texture as a parameter.

See Also: SetTextureScale, GetTextureScale, ShaderLab: Properties, ShaderPropertyFlags.MainTexture.

using UnityEngine;

public class Example : MonoBehaviour { Renderer rend;

void Start() { rend = GetComponent<Renderer>(); }

void Update() { // Animates main texture scale in a funky way! float scaleX = Mathf.Cos(Time.time) * 0.5f + 1; float scaleY = Mathf.Sin(Time.time) * 0.5f + 1; rend.material.mainTextureScale = new Vector2(scaleX, scaleY); } }