Version: 2019.4



Awake() message is called as a new editor window starts. This is similar to how an Awake() is called as an GameObject starts.

// Show how Awake is called as an EditorWindow starts
// In the script the Awake message changes the string variable.

using UnityEditor; using UnityEngine;

public class AwakeExample : EditorWindow { static string s = "hello";

[MenuItem("Examples/Awake Example")] static void Init() { AwakeExample window = (AwakeExample)GetWindow(typeof(AwakeExample)); window.Show(); }

public void OnGUI() { EditorGUILayout.LabelField("Text Field: " + s); }

public void Awake() { Debug.Log("Awake"); s = "demo"; }

public void OnDestroy() { Debug.Log("OnDestroy"); } }