Version: 2022.1
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class in UnityEngine





Use this class to render particles on to the screen.


activeVertexStreamsCountThe number of currently active custom vertex streams.
allowRollAllow billboard particles to roll around their z-axis.
cameraVelocityScaleHow much do the particles stretch depending on the Camera's speed.
enableGPUInstancingEnables GPU Instancing on platforms that support it.
flipFlip a percentage of the particles, along each axis.
freeformStretchingEnables freeform stretching behavior.
lengthScaleHow much are the particles stretched in their direction of motion, defined as the length of the particle compared to its width.
maskInteractionSpecifies how the Particle System Renderer interacts with SpriteMask.
meshThe Mesh that the particle uses instead of a billboarded Texture.
meshCountThe number of Meshes the system uses for particle rendering.
meshDistributionSpecifies how the system randomly assigns meshes to particles.
normalDirectionSpecifies how to calculate lighting for the billboard.
renderModeSpecifies how the system draws particles.
rotateWithStretchDirectionRotate the particles based on the direction they are stretched in. This is added on top of other particle rotation.
shadowBiasApply a shadow bias to prevent self-shadowing artifacts. The specified value is the proportion of the particle size.
sortingFudgeBiases Particle System sorting amongst other transparencies.
sortModeSpecifies how to sort particles within a system.
supportsMeshInstancingDetermines whether the Particle System can be rendered using GPU Instancing.
trailMaterialSet the Material that the TrailModule uses to attach trails to particles.
velocityScaleSpecifies how much particles stretch depending on their velocity.

Public 関数

BakeMeshCreates a snapshot of ParticleSystemRenderer and stores it in mesh.
BakeTrailsMeshCreates a snapshot of ParticleSystem Trails and stores them in mesh.
GetActiveVertexStreamsQueries which Vertex Shader streams are enabled on the ParticleSystemRenderer.
GetMeshesGets the array of Meshes to use when selecting particle meshes.
GetMeshWeightingsGets the array of Mesh weightings to use when randomly selecting particle meshes.
SetActiveVertexStreamsEnables a set of vertex Shader streams on the ParticleSystemRenderer.
SetMeshesSets the Meshes that the ParticleSystemRenderer uses to display particles when the ParticleSystemRenderer.renderMode is set to ParticleSystemRenderMode.Mesh.
SetMeshWeightingsSets the weights that the ParticleSystemRenderer uses to assign Meshes to particles.



transformThe Transform attached to this GameObject.
hideFlagsShould the object be hidden, saved with the Scene or modifiable by the user?
allowOcclusionWhenDynamicControls if dynamic occlusion culling should be performed for this renderer.
boundsThe bounding box of the renderer in world space.
enabled有効にした場合、レンダリングされた 3D オブジェクトが表示されます
forceRenderingOffAllows turning off rendering for a specific component.
isPartOfStaticBatchIndicates whether the renderer is part of a static batch with other renderers.
lightmapScaleOffsetUV スケールとオフセットをライトマップに使用します。
lightProbeProxyVolumeOverrideこれを設定すると、レンダラーはソースのゲームオブジェクトにアタッチされた ライトプローブプロキシボリューム コンポーネントを使用します。
localBoundsThe bounding box of the renderer in local space.
materialレンダラーに割り当てられている最初にインスタンス化された Material を返します。
motionVectorGenerationModeSpecifies the mode for motion vector rendering.
probeAnchor設定する場合、レンダラーはライトプローブや反射プローブを見つけるためにこの Transform の位置を使用します。
rayTracingModeDescribes how this renderer is updated for ray tracing.
realtimeLightmapIndexThe index of the real-time lightmap applied to this renderer.
realtimeLightmapScaleOffsetThe UV scale & offset used for a real-time lightmap.
rendererPriorityThis value sorts renderers by priority. Lower values are rendered first and higher values are rendered last.
renderingLayerMaskDetermines which rendering layer this renderer lives on.
sortingLayerIDレンダラーの Sorting Layer の Unique ID
sortingLayerNameレンダラーの Sorting Layer の名前
sortingOrderSorting Layer によるレンダラーのオーダー順
staticShadowCasterIs this renderer a static shadow caster?

Public 関数

BroadcastMessageゲームオブジェクトまたは子オブジェクトにあるすべての MonoBehaviour を継承したクラスにある methodName 名のメソッドを呼び出します。
CompareTagChecks the GameObject's tag against the defined tag.
GetComponentReturns the component of type if the GameObject has one attached.
GetComponentInChildrenReturns the Component of type in the GameObject or any of its children using depth first search.
GetComponentInParentReturns the Component of type in the GameObject or any of its parents.
GetComponents GameObject から type のタイプのコンポーネントを「すべて」取得します。
GetComponentsInChildrenReturns all components of Type type in the GameObject or any of its children. Works recursively.
GetComponentsInParent GameObject や深さ優先探索を活用して、親子関係にある親オブジェクトから type のタイプのコンポーネントを「すべて」取得します。
SendMessageゲームオブジェクトにアタッチされているすべての MonoBehaviour にある methodName と名付けたメソッドを呼び出します
SendMessageUpwardsゲームオブジェクトと親(の親、さらに親 ... )にアタッチされているすべての MonoBehaviour にある methodName と名付けたメソッドを呼び出します
TryGetComponentGets the component of the specified type, if it exists.
GetInstanceIDGets the instance ID of the object.
ToStringReturns the name of the object.
GetPropertyBlockGet per-Renderer or per-Material property block.
GetSharedMaterialsReturns all the shared materials of this object.
HasPropertyBlockReturns true if the Renderer has a material property block attached via SetPropertyBlock.
ResetBoundsReset custom world space bounds.
ResetLocalBoundsReset custom local space bounds.
SetPropertyBlockLets you set or clear per-renderer or per-material parameter overrides.

Static 関数

DestroyRemoves a GameObject, component or asset.
DestroyImmediateDestroys the object obj immediately. You are strongly recommended to use Destroy instead.
DontDestroyOnLoadDo not destroy the target Object when loading a new Scene.
FindObjectOfTypeタイプ type から最初に見つけたアクティブのオブジェクトを返します
FindObjectsOfTypeGets a list of all loaded objects of Type type.
Instantiateoriginal のオブジェクトをクローンします


operator !=二つのオブジェクトが異なるオブジェクトを参照しているか比較します
operator ==2つのオブジェクト参照が同じオブジェクトを参照しているか比較します。


OnBecameInvisible OnBecameInvisible is called when the object is no longer visible by any camera.
OnBecameVisible OnBecameVisible is called when the object became visible by any camera.