Version: 2017.3
public static Vector4 Vector4Field (string label, Vector4 value, params GUILayoutOption[] options);


label Label to display above the field.
value The value to edit.
options An optional list of layout options that specify extra layout properties. Any values passed in here will override settings defined by the style.
See Also: GUILayout.Width, GUILayout.Height, GUILayout.MinWidth, GUILayout.MaxWidth, GUILayout.MinHeight, GUILayout.MaxHeight, GUILayout.ExpandWidth, GUILayout.ExpandHeight.

Valor de retorno

Vector4 The value entered by the user.


Make an X, Y, Z & W field for entering a Vector4.

Modify X,Y,Z and W values directly of a GameObject.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;

public class ModifyQuaternionDirectly : UnityEditor.EditorWindow { Quaternion quat; public Vector4 value;

[MenuItem("Examples/Modify internal Quaternion")] static void Init() { ModifyQuaternionDirectly window = (ModifyQuaternionDirectly)EditorWindow.GetWindow(typeof(ModifyQuaternionDirectly), true, "My Empty Window"); window.Show(); }

void OnGUI() { value = EditorGUILayout.Vector4Field("Components:", value); if (GUILayout.Button("Capture Rotation")) value = QuaternionToVector4(Selection.activeTransform.rotation);

if (GUILayout.Button("Close")) this.Close(); }

static Vector4 QuaternionToVector4(Quaternion rot) { return new Vector4(rot.x, rot.y, rot.z, rot.w); } }