Version: 2017.2


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public int lightmapIndex ;


El índice del lightmap baked aplicado a este renderizador.

The index refers to the LightmapSettings.lightmaps array. A value of -1 (0xFFFF) means no lightmap has been assigned, which is the default. A value of 0xFFFE is internally used for objects that have their scale in lightmap set to 0; they affect lightmaps, but don't have a lightmap assigned themselves. The index is 16 bits internally and can't be larger than 65533 (0xFFFE).

Note: this property is only serialized when building the player. In all the other cases it's the responsibility of the Unity lightmapping system (or a custom script that brings external lightmapping data) to set it when the scene loads or playmode is entered.

Un lightmap es una texture atlas y varios renderers pueden utilizar diferentes porciones del mismo lightmap.

Mirar también: Clase LightmapSettings, propiedad lightmapScaleOffset, ShaderLab properties.