Version: 2021.3
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public static bool IsDefaultOverride(PropertyModification modification);


modification The modification for the property in question.


bool True if the property is a default override.


Returns true if the given modification is considered a default override.

Certain properties on the root GameObject of a Prefab instance are considered default overrides. These are overridden by default and are usually rarely applied or reverted. Most apply and revert operations will ignore default overrides.

The default overrides are:

Root GameObject - name

Root Transform - localPosition - localRotation - localEulerAnglesHint (internal property) - rootOrder (internal property)

Root RectTransform - same properties as in Transform - anchoredPosition - sizeDelta - anchorMin - anchorMax - pivot

These properties are default overrides in order to prevent common mistakes when applying or reverting an entire Prefab instance. Typically, you will not want the position and rotation of a Prefab instance to get updates from the position and rotation of the Prefab Asset itself. Most of the other properties that are default overrides are similar in nature in that they relate to the basic alignment of the instance.

Using Apply All or Revert All on a Prefab instance will not affect default overrides. The only way to apply or revert a default override is to use the context menu for the property itself. This corresponds to the methods PrefabUtility.ApplyPropertyOverride and PrefabUtility.RevertPropertyOverride.

Since they are not affected by most apply and revert operations, default overrides that are overridden don't get a blue margin in the Inspector like other overridden properties do. They also don’t show up as overrides in the Overrides dropdown. They are however bold when overridden in order to make it possible to tell of they are overridden or not.

Default overrides only exists for the root GameObject (and its Transform/RectTransform) in an outermost Prefab instance. This includes outermost Prefab instances inside other Prefabs, as seen in Prefab Mode.