Version: 2021.3
  • C#


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public static void AddConfigObject(string name, Object obj, bool overwrite);


name The name of the object reference in string format. This string name must be unique within your project or the overwrite parameter must be set to true.
obj Object reference to be stored. This object must be persisted and not null.
overwrite Boolean parameter used to specify that you want to overwrite an entry with the same name if one already exists.


void Throws an exception if the object is null, not persisted, or if there is a name conflict and the overwrite parameter is set to false.


Store a reference to a config object by name. The object must be an asset in the project, otherwise it will not be saved when the editor is restarted or scripts are reloaded. To avoid name conflicts with other packages, it is recommended that names are qualified by a namespace, i.e. "".

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;
using System.IO;

public class MyConfigData : ScriptableObject { public static MyConfigData GetDefault() { //name of config data object string stringName = "com.myproject.myconfigdata"; //path to Config Object and asset name string stringPath = "Assets/myconfigdata.asset"; //used to hold config data MyConfigData data = null;

//if a config data object exists with the same name, return its config data if (EditorBuildSettings.TryGetConfigObject<MyConfigData>(stringName, out data)) return data;

//If the asset file already exists, store existing config data if (File.Exists(stringPath)) data = AssetDatabase.LoadAssetAtPath<MyConfigData>(stringPath); //if no previous config data exists if (data == null) { //show save file dialog and return user selected path name stringPath = EditorUtility.SaveFilePanelInProject("New Config File", "myconfigdata", "asset", "Select Config File Asset", "Assets"); //initialise config data object data = ScriptableObject.CreateInstance<MyConfigData>(); //create new asset from data at specified path //asset MUST be saved with the AssetDatabase before adding to EditorBuildSettings AssetDatabase.CreateAsset(data, stringPath); }

//add the new or loaded config object to EditorBuildSettings EditorBuildSettings.AddConfigObject(stringName, data, false);

return data; } }