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Obsolete public static method CancelQuit(): void;
Obsolete public static void CancelQuit();


Cancels quitting the application. This is useful for showing a splash screen at the end of a game.

This function only works in the player. IMPORTANT: This function has no effect on iPhone. Application can not prevent termination under iPhone OS.

// Delays quitting for 2 seconds and
// loads the finalsplash level during that time.

var showSplashTimeout : float = 2.0; private var allowQuitting : boolean = false;

function Awake () { // This game object needs to survive multiple levels DontDestroyOnLoad (this.gameObject); }

function OnApplicationQuit () { // If we haven't already load up the final splash screen level if (Application.loadedLevelName.ToLower() != "finalsplash") StartCoroutine("DelayedQuit");

// Don't allow the user to exit until we got permission in if (!allowQuitting) Application.CancelQuit(); }

function DelayedQuit () { Application.LoadLevel("finalsplash");

// Wait for showSplashTimeout yield WaitForSeconds(showSplashTimeout);

// then quit for real allowQuitting = true; Application.Quit(); }
using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour { public float showSplashTimeout = 2.0F; private bool allowQuitting = false; void Awake() { DontDestroyOnLoad(.gameObject); } void OnApplicationQuit() { if (Application.loadedLevelName.ToLower() != "finalsplash") StartCoroutine("DelayedQuit"); if (!allowQuitting) Application.CancelQuit(); } IEnumerator DelayedQuit() { Application.LoadLevel("finalsplash"); yield return new WaitForSeconds(showSplashTimeout); allowQuitting = true; Application.Quit(); } }

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