Version: 2021.1
Setting Up Analytics
Overview page

Analytics Dashboard

Note: Unity Remote Config is now available as a preview packageA preview* package is in development and not yet ready for production. A package in preview might be at any stage of development, from the initial stages to near completion.
See in Glossary. Remote Config is an improved offering that allows you to change the behavior and appearance of your game without requiring a new binary. You can remotely enable or disable features, change the specifics of your game to target specific audiences, or run special events by scheduling new content releases.*

The Unity AnalyticsA data platform that provides analytics for your Unity game. More info
See in Glossary
Service provides a web dashboard for:

  • Visualizing your AnalyticsAbbreviation of Unity Analytics
    See in Glossary
  • Performing data segmentation and analysis
  • Conducting live operations
  • Configuring Unity Analytics services

The Analytics dashboard contains several pages for these purposes:

Analytics section:

  • Overview – A pre-built visualization of common key performance indicators derived from your Analytics data.
  • Data ExplorerA Unity Analytics Dashboard page that allows you to build, view and export reports on your Analytics metrics and events. You can also see how metrics and custom events change over time. More info
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    – Build, view, and export reports of your Analytics data.
  • Funnel Analyzer – Analyze player progress and behavior in your game by building funnels.
  • Segment Builder – Define customized segments to characterize your player population.
  • Raw Data Export – Export your unprocessed event data. (Pro subscriptions only)
  • Event Manager – List and manage your Custom Events.
  • Market Insights – Consult the Market Insights page to research trends in the computer hardware used to play Unity games.

Optimization section:

  • A/B Testing – (Open Beta) Conduct A/B testing based on Remote Settings.
  • Remote SettingsRemote settings are game variables that you can set remotely on your Analytics Dashboard. More info
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    – Change application variables remotely and without an application update. Find the Remote Settings page in the Optimization section of the dashboard.

Settings section:

  • Configure – Project Analytics settings. Find the Configure page under Settings > Analytics Settings on the dashboard.

  • 2018–08–23 Page published
  • New feature in Unity 2017.1
Setting Up Analytics
Overview page