Version: 2019.4
  • C#


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public static string CreateFolder(string parentFolder, string newFolderName);


parentFolder The path to the parent folder. Must start with "Assets/".
newFolderName The name of the new folder.


string The GUID of the newly created folder, if the folder was created successfully. Otherwise returns an empty string.


Creates a new folder, in the specified parent folder.

The parent folder string must start with the "Assets" folder, and all folders within the parent folder string must already exist. For example, when specifying "Assets/ParentFolder1/Parentfolder2/", the new folder will be created in "ParentFolder2" only if ParentFolder1 and ParentFolder2 already exist.

Note: When Unity attempts to create a folder, if a folder with the same name exists at the same path, Unity adds a sequential number to the end of the file name. For example, "My Folder" becomes "My Folder 1".

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;

public class CreateFolderExample : MonoBehaviour { [MenuItem("GameObject/Create Folder")] static void CreateFolder() { string guid = AssetDatabase.CreateFolder("Assets", "My Folder"); string newFolderPath = AssetDatabase.GUIDToAssetPath(guid); } }