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static function FindObjectsOfType(type: Type): Object[];
static Object[] FindObjectsOfType(Type type);
static def FindObjectsOfType(type as Type) as Object[]


Returns a list of all active loaded objects of Type type.

It will return no assets (meshes, textures, prefabs, ...) or inactive objects.

Please note that this function is very slow. It is not recommended to use this function every frame. In most cases you can use the singleton pattern instead.

	// When clicking on the object, it will disable all springs on all 
	// hinges in the scene.

function OnMouseDown () { var hinges : HingeJoint[] = FindObjectsOfType(HingeJoint) as HingeJoint[]; for (var hinge : HingeJoint in hinges) { hinge.useSpring = false; } }
using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour {
    void OnMouseDown() {
        HingeJoint[] hinges = FindObjectsOfType(typeof(HingeJoint)) as HingeJoint[];
        foreach (HingeJoint hinge in hinges) {
            hinge.useSpring = false;
import UnityEngine
import System.Collections

public class ExampleClass(MonoBehaviour):

	def OnMouseDown() as void:
		hinges as (HingeJoint) = (FindObjectsOfType(typeof(HingeJoint)) as (HingeJoint))
		for hinge as HingeJoint in hinges:
			hinge.useSpring = false

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