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Helper object for UnityWebRequests. Manages the buffering and transmission of body data during HTTP requests.

When attached to a UnityWebRequest, an UploadHandler object handles all information regarding the buffering and transmission of body data during an HTTP request. By placing data in an UploadHandler and attaching it to a UnityWebRequest, the UnityWebRequest is implicitly instructed to transmit the UploadHandler's data to the remote server. The data will always be delivered as HTTP request body data.

UploadHandler is a base class and cannot be directly instantiated. Currently, only one type of UploadHandler is available: UploadHandlerRaw.

See Also: UnityWebRequest, UploadHandlerRaw.


contentTypeDetermines the default Content-Type header which will be transmitted with the outbound HTTP request.
dataThe raw data which will be transmitted to the remote server as body data. (Read Only)
progressReturns the proportion of data uploaded to the remote server compared to the total amount of data to upload. (Read Only)

Public Functions

DisposeSignals that this UploadHandler is no longer being used, and should clean up any resources it is using.