Version: 2018.2


class in UnityEngine.Tilemaps


Inherits from:Tilemaps.TileBase

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Class for a default tile in the Tilemap.

This inherits from TileBase and represents a default tile to be placed in a Tilemap. It implements TileBase.GetTileData for simple rendering of a Sprite in the tile map.


color Color of the Tile.
flags TileFlags of the Tile.
gameObject GameObject of the Tile.
sprite Sprite to be rendered at the Tile.
transform Transform matrix of the Tile.

Public Functions

GetTileDataRetrieves the tile rendering data for the Tile.

Inherited members


hideFlagsShould the object be hidden, saved with the Scene or modifiable by the user?
nameThe name of the object.

Public Functions

GetInstanceIDReturns the instance id of the object.
ToStringReturns the name of the GameObject.
GetTileAnimationDataRetrieves any tile animation data from the scripted tile.
RefreshTileThis method is called when the tile is refreshed.
StartUpStartUp is called on the first frame of the running scene.

Static Functions

DestroyУдаляет GameObject, Component или Asset.
DestroyImmediateDestroys the object obj immediately. You are strongly recommended to use Destroy instead.
DontDestroyOnLoadDo not destroy the target Object when loading a new Scene.
FindObjectOfTypeReturns the first active loaded object of Type type.
FindObjectsOfTypeReturns a list of all active loaded objects of Type type.
InstantiateClones the object original and returns the clone.
CreateInstanceCreates an instance of a scriptable object.


boolDoes the object exist?
operator !=Compares if two objects refer to a different object.
operator ==Compares two object references to see if they refer to the same object.


AwakeThis function is called when the ScriptableObject script is started.
OnDestroyThis function is called when the scriptable object will be destroyed.
OnDisableThis function is called when the scriptable object goes out of scope.
OnEnableThis function is called when the object is loaded.