Version: 2018.2



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Настройки сборки. Несколько настроек могут быть обьединены вместе.

See Also: BuildPipeline.BuildPlayer.


NoneВыполнить данную сборку без каких-либо специальных настроек или дополнительных задач.
DevelopmentBuild a development version of the player.
AutoRunPlayerЗапустить собранную игру.
ShowBuiltPlayerShow the built player.
BuildAdditionalStreamedScenesBuild a compressed asset bundle that contains streamed scenes loadable with the UnityWebRequest class.
AcceptExternalModificationsToPlayerИспользуется при сборке XCode (iPhone) или Eclipse (Android) проектов.
ConnectWithProfilerЗапускать игру с присоединением к профайлеру редактора.
AllowDebuggingAllow script debuggers to attach to the player remotely.
SymlinkLibrariesSymlink runtime libraries when generating iOS Xcode project. (Faster iteration time).
UncompressedAssetBundleDon't compress the data when creating the asset bundle.
ConnectToHostSets the Player to connect to the Editor.
EnableHeadlessModeBuild headless Linux standalone.
BuildScriptsOnlyOnly build the scripts in a Project.
ForceEnableAssertionsInclude assertions in the build. By default, the assertions are only included in development builds.
CompressWithLz4Use chunk-based LZ4 compression when building the Player.
CompressWithLz4HCUse chunk-based LZ4 high-compression when building the Player.
StrictModeDo not allow the build to succeed if any errors are reporting during it.
IncludeTestAssembliesBuild will include Assemblies for testing.
NoUniqueIdentifierWill force the buildGUID to all zeros.