Version: 2017.1


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public static void LogWarning (object message);
public static void LogWarning (object message, Object context);


message @param message Строка или объект который будет преобразован в строковое представление для отображения.
context Object to which the message applies.


Вариант Debug.Log который пишет сообщение об ошибке в консоль.

When you select the message in the console a connection to the context object will be drawn. This is very useful if you want know on which object a warning occurs.

When the message is a string, rich text markup can be used to add emphasis. See the manual page about rich text for details of the different markup tags available.

See Also: Debug.unityLogger, ILogger, Logger.LogWarning.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class MyGameClass : MonoBehaviour { private Transform transform;

void MyGameMethod() { if (transform == null) Debug.LogWarning("A warning assigned to this transform!", transform); } }