Getting started

To get you up and running quickly, this page pulls together some of the key info you'll need to know.


Opening a project

Reflect Review opens to the Projects screen by default.

Viewer interface - Projects

To refresh the list of projects, click the Refresh button () in the top left corner of the screen.


To open a project, click its name.


For more information about the options on the Projects screen and how Reflect projects are stored and synced, see Managing your storage.


Exporting a model

You can publish data to a project in any of the following locations:



Publish data to a project on your local computer.


Publish data to a local network with a specified sync server.

Cloud Host your projects in the cloud, letting you push data to your mobile devices even when you're on a different network.  


Real-time syncing

From Reflect Review, click the Sync status icon to turn the sync service on or off.


For more about syncing and storage, see Syncing and exporting.


More features

For more of Reflect Review features like BIM filtering, project sharing, and multi-user collaboration, see Finding your way around Reflect Review.