Version: 2022.1



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ComputeBuffer type.

Different types of compute buffers map to different usage and declarations in HLSL shaders. Default type is "structured buffer" (StructuredBuffer<T> or RWStructuredBuffer<T>).

See Also: ComputeBuffer, ComputeShader, Material.SetBuffer.


DefaultDefault ComputeBuffer type (structured buffer).
RawRaw ComputeBuffer type (byte address buffer).
AppendAppend-consume ComputeBuffer type.
Counter ComputeBuffer with a counter.
Constant ComputeBuffer that you can use as a constant buffer (uniform buffer).
Structured ComputeBuffer that you can use as a structured buffer.
IndirectArguments ComputeBuffer used for Graphics.DrawProceduralIndirect, ComputeShader.DispatchIndirect or Graphics.DrawMeshInstancedIndirect arguments.