Version: 2021.2
언어: 한국어
public bool autoGenerate ;


Whether the Unity Editor automatically precomputes lighting data when the Scene data changes. (Editor only).

When this is set to true, the Editor automatically bakes lightmaps, Light Probes and Reflection Probes when you make changes to your Scene. When this is set to false, Unity does not automatically bake this data. The default value is false.

When this is set to false, you can instruct Unity to perform the bake by pressing the Generate Lighting button in the Lighting window, or by using the Lightmapping.Bake or Lightmapping.BakeAsync APIs.

This setting applies to the Baked Global Illumination system and the Enlighten Realtime Global Illumination system.

When Unity serializes this LightingSettings object as a Lighting Settings Asset, this property corresponds to the Auto Generate property in the Lighting Settings Asset Inspector.

See Also: Lighting Settings Asset, Lighting window, Lightmapping.Bake, Lightmapping.BakeAsync.