Version: 2020.2
언어: 한국어


class in UnityEditor.SceneManagement

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Utility methods related to stages.

정적 함수

GetCurrentStageThe current Stage can either be the MainStage or any other opened Stage, visualized in the Scene view as the last breadcrumb in the breadcrumb bar.
GetCurrentStageHandleGet the current stage being edited.
GetMainStageGet the MainStage object. This object is always available.
GetMainStageHandleGet the main stage which contains all the currently open regular Scenes.
GetStageGet the Stage object that contains the input GameObject or Scene.
GetStageHandleGet the stage in which the given GameObject exists.
GoBackToPreviousStageNavigate the Editor to the previous stage.
GoToMainStageNavigate the Editor to the main stage.
GoToStageNavigates the Editor to the specified stage.
IsGameObjectRenderedByCameraIs the given GameObject rendered by the given Camera?
IsGameObjectRenderedByCameraAndPartOfEditableSceneSpecifies whether the given Camera currently renders the given GameObject and the GameObject is also part of an editable scene.
PlaceGameObjectInCurrentStagePlace the given GameObject in the current stage being edited.