public int fillOrigin ;


Controls the origin point of the Fill process. Value means different things with each fill method.

You should cast to the appropriate origin type: Image.OriginHorizontal, Image.OriginVertical, Image.Origin90, Image.Origin180 or [[Image.Origin360] depending on the Image.Fillmethod.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;
using System.Collections;

[RequireComponent(typeof(Image))] public class ImageOriginCycle : MonoBehaviour { void OnEnable() { Image image = GetComponent<Image>(); string fillOriginName = "";

switch ((Image.FillMethod)image.fillMethod) { case Image.FillMethod.Horizontal: fillOriginName = ((Image.OriginHorizontal)image.fillOrigin).ToString(); break; case Image.FillMethod.Vertical: fillOriginName = ((Image.OriginVertical)image.fillOrigin).ToString(); break; case Image.FillMethod.Radial90:

fillOriginName = ((Image.Origin90)image.fillOrigin).ToString(); break; case Image.FillMethod.Radial180:

fillOriginName = ((Image.Origin180)image.fillOrigin).ToString(); break; case Image.FillMethod.Radial360: fillOriginName = ((Image.Origin360)image.fillOrigin).ToString(); break; } Debug.Log(string.Format("{0} is using {1} fill method with the origin on {2}", name, image.fillMethod, fillOriginName)); } }

Note: This will only have any effect if the Image.type is set to Image.Type.Filled.