public static bool CheckCapsule (Vector3 start, Vector3 end, float radius, int layermask= DefaultRaycastLayers, QueryTriggerInteraction queryTriggerInteraction= QueryTriggerInteraction.UseGlobal);


start The center of the sphere at the start of the capsule.
end The center of the sphere at the end of the capsule.
radius The radius of the capsule.
layermask A Layer mask that is used to selectively ignore colliders when casting a capsule.
queryTriggerInteraction Specifies whether this query should hit Triggers.


Checks if any colliders overlap a capsule-shaped volume in world space.

The capsule is defined by the two spheres with radius around point1 and point2, which form the two ends of the capsule.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour { bool CorridorIsWideEnough(Vector3 startPt, Vector3 endPt, float width) { return Physics.CheckCapsule(startPt, endPt, width); } }