Version: 2017.2
public static int RoundToInt (float f);


Returns f rounded to the nearest integer.

If the number ends in .5 so it is halfway between two integers, one of which is even and the other odd, the even number is returned.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour { void Example() { Debug.Log(Mathf.RoundToInt(10.0F)); Debug.Log(Mathf.RoundToInt(10.2F)); Debug.Log(Mathf.RoundToInt(10.7F)); Debug.Log(Mathf.RoundToInt(10.5F)); Debug.Log(Mathf.RoundToInt(11.5F)); Debug.Log(Mathf.RoundToInt(-10.0F)); Debug.Log(Mathf.RoundToInt(-10.2F)); Debug.Log(Mathf.RoundToInt(-10.7F)); Debug.Log(Mathf.RoundToInt(-10.5F)); Debug.Log(Mathf.RoundToInt(-11.5F)); } }