Version: 2021.3
public static Vector3 PositionHandle (Vector3 position, Quaternion rotation);


position 3D 空間でのハンドルの中心
rotation 3D 空間でのハンドルの向き


Vector3 ユーザーのハンドル操作によって更新された値。ユーザーがハンドルを操作しない場合は、関数に渡した値と同じ値が返されます。


Make a position handle.

This handle behaves like the built-in move tool in Unity.

Position handle in the Scene View.''

Add the following script to your Assets folder as PositionHandleExample.cs and add the PositionHandleExample component to an object in a Scene.

using UnityEngine;

[ExecuteInEditMode] public class PositionHandleExample : MonoBehaviour { public Vector3 targetPosition { get { return m_TargetPosition; } set { m_TargetPosition = value; } } [SerializeField] private Vector3 m_TargetPosition = new Vector3(1f, 0f, 2f);

public virtual void Update() { transform.LookAt(m_TargetPosition); } }

Add the following script to Assets/Editor as PositionHandleExampleEditor.cs and select the object with the PositionHandleExample component.

using UnityEditor;
using UnityEngine;

[CustomEditor(typeof(PositionHandleExample)), CanEditMultipleObjects] public class PositionHandleExampleEditor : Editor { protected virtual void OnSceneGUI() { PositionHandleExample example = (PositionHandleExample)target;

EditorGUI.BeginChangeCheck(); Vector3 newTargetPosition = Handles.PositionHandle(example.targetPosition, Quaternion.identity); if (EditorGUI.EndChangeCheck()) { Undo.RecordObject(example, "Change Look At Target Position"); example.targetPosition = newTargetPosition; example.Update(); } } }