Version: 2019.4
public static Object[] CollectDeepHierarchy (Object[] roots);




Object[] 検索対象のオブジェクトの階層下でアタッチされていたオブジェクトの配列



This is most useful for linearizing entire GameObject hierarchies including all their components.
Note that the traversal will not include assets referenced from within the hierarchy. For example, having a MeshFilter component in the hierarchy will not cause the referenced Mesh to be included in the resulting list.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;

public class CollectHierarchyExample : MonoBehaviour { void Start() { // Create two GameObjects GameObject parent = new GameObject(); GameObject child = new GameObject(); Object[] roots = new Object[] { parent };

// Name them = "Parent"; = "Child";

// Make one a child of the other. child.transform.parent = parent.transform;

// Collect entire hierarchy Object[] result = EditorUtility.CollectDeepHierarchy(roots);

// Dump results. Will log four objects to the console; // two GameObjects ("Parent" and "Child") and two Transform // components (one belonging to "Parent" and one belonging to // "Child") foreach (Object obj in result) Debug.Log(obj); } }