Version: 2019.4
Unity の iOS サポート機能の基本
iOS ビルドプロセスの内側

iOS アカウント設定

Getting an Apple ID or Apple Developer Program membership

To test your build on an iOS device, you need a free Apple ID. However, to use services such as Game Center or In-App Purchases, and to submit your game to the App Store, you must register with the Apple Developer Program. For more information about the differences between an Apple ID and Apple Developer Program membership, see the Apple support documentation on Choosing a Membership.

To sign up for an: * Apple ID, go to the Apple ID website. * Apple Developer Program membership, go to the

Installing Xcode

Xcode is an Apple-developed, Mac-only integrated development environment (IDE) that contains a suite of software development tools. You can use Xcode to create software for the macOS, iOS, WatchOS, and tvOS.

Download Xcode from the App Store.

Xcode に Apple ID を加える

To add your Apple ID to Xcode, follow the steps outlined in Apple’s documentation on Adding an Apple ID account to Xcode.

  • Updated 2019–09–19 with links to Apple’s current Xcode, Apple ID, and Apple Developer Program documentation.
Unity の iOS サポート機能の基本
iOS ビルドプロセスの内側