Version: 5.5
public static void SetResolution (int width, int height, bool fullscreen, int preferredRefreshRate= 0);



A width by height resolution will be used. If no matching resolution is supported, the closest one will be used.

If preferredRefreshRate is 0 (default) Unity will switch to the highest refresh rate supported by the monitor.
If preferredRefreshRate is not 0 Unity will use it if the monitor supports it, otherwise will choose the highest supported one.

On Android fullscreen controls the SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_LOW_PROFILE flag to View.setSystemUiVisibility(), on devices running Honeycomb (OS 3.0 / API 11) or later.

Windows ストアアプリでは、Windows 8.1 以降でのみ非ネイティブ解像度に切り替えることがサポートされています。


// Switch to 640 x 480 fullscreen
Screen.SetResolution(640, 480, true);


// Switch to 640 x 480 fullscreen at 60 hz
Screen.SetResolution(640, 480, true, 60);


// Switch to 800 x 600 windowed
Screen.SetResolution(800, 600, false);

関連項目: resolutions property.