public void SetTexture (string propertyName, Texture texture);
public void SetTexture (int nameID, Texture texture);


propertyName プロパティー名。例えば、"_MainTex"。
nameID プロパティー名 ID。Shader.PropertyToID を使って取得します。
texture 設定するテクスチャ



多くのシェーダーでは複数のテクスチャを使用します。テクスチャを変更するには SetTexture を使用します (シェーダーの propertynName、または、プロパティー固有の nameID から識別)。

When setting textures on materials using the Standard Shader, you should be aware that you may need to use EnableKeyword to enable features of the shader that were not previously in use. For more detail, read Accessing Materials via Script.

Common texture names used by Unity's builtin shaders:
"_MainTex" is the main diffuse texture. This can also be accessed via mainTexture property.
"_BumpMap" is the normal map.

See Also: mainTexture property, GetTexture, Shader.PropertyToID, Properties in Shader Programs.