Version: 2023.2
言語: 日本語


NonSerialized 属性により変数がシリアライズされないものとしてマーキングされます。

Apply to public fields to prevent Unity from serializing the field and displaying it in the Inspector.

Apply to a private field to stop the field being serialized during a hot reload operation, such as after an assembly is recompiled, or during a domain reload operation before entering Play mode.

For more information on serialization, see Script Serialization.

Additional resources: HideInInspector, SerializeField.

class Test
    // p will not be shown in the Inspector or serialized
    public int p = 5;

// neverSerializeMe will never be serialized, even during an hot reload. [System.NonSerialized] private int neverSerializeMe;

// The backing field for NeverSerializedProperty property will never be serialized, // even during a hot reload [field: System.NonSerialized] public int NeverSerializedProperty { get; set; } }