Experimental: this API is experimental and might be changed or removed in the future.


struct in UnityEngine.Experimental.Animations



Handle for a Component property on an object in the AnimationStream.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Playables;
using UnityEngine.Animations;

using UnityEngine.Experimental.Animations;

public struct PropertyStreamHandleJob : IAnimationJob { public PropertyStreamHandle handleR; public PropertyStreamHandle handleG; public PropertyStreamHandle handleB; public Color color;

public void ProcessRootMotion(AnimationStream stream) { }

public void ProcessAnimation(AnimationStream stream) { // Set the new light color. handleR.SetFloat(stream, color.r); handleG.SetFloat(stream, color.g); handleB.SetFloat(stream, color.b); } }

[RequireComponent(typeof(Animator))] [RequireComponent(typeof(Light))] public class PropertyStreamHandleExample : MonoBehaviour { public Color color = Color.white;

PlayableGraph m_Graph; AnimationScriptPlayable m_AnimationScriptPlayable;

void Start() { var animator = GetComponent<Animator>();

m_Graph = PlayableGraph.Create("PropertyStreamHandleExample"); var output = AnimationPlayableOutput.Create(m_Graph, "output", animator);

var animationJob = new PropertyStreamHandleJob(); animationJob.handleR = animator.BindStreamProperty(gameObject.transform, typeof(Light), "m_Color.r"); animationJob.handleG = animator.BindStreamProperty(gameObject.transform, typeof(Light), "m_Color.g"); animationJob.handleB = animator.BindStreamProperty(gameObject.transform, typeof(Light), "m_Color.b"); m_AnimationScriptPlayable = AnimationScriptPlayable.Create(m_Graph, animationJob);

output.SetSourcePlayable(m_AnimationScriptPlayable); m_Graph.Play(); }

void Update() { var animationJob = m_AnimationScriptPlayable.GetJobData<PropertyStreamHandleJob>(); animationJob.color = color; m_AnimationScriptPlayable.SetJobData(animationJob); }

void OnDisable() { m_Graph.Destroy(); } }

Public 関数

GetBoolGets the boolean property value from a stream.
GetFloatGets the float property value from a stream.
GetIntGets the integer property value from a stream.
IsResolvedReturns whether or not the handle is resolved.
IsValidReturns whether or not the handle is valid.
ResolveResolves the handle.
SetBoolSets the boolean property value into a stream.
SetFloatSets the float property value into a stream.
SetIntSets the integer property value into a stream.