public void OnServerDisconnect (Networking.NetworkConnection conn);


connConexión desde el cliente.


Es llamado en el servidor cuando un cliente se desconecta.

This is called on the Server when a Client disconnects from the Server. Use an override to decide what should happen when a disconnection is detected.

//This script outputs a message when a client connects or disconnects from the server
//Attach this script to your GameObject.
//Attach a NetworkManagerHUD to your by clicking Add Component in the Inspector window of the GameObject. Then go to Network>NetworkManagerHUD.
//Create a Text GameObject and attach it to the Text field in the Inspector.

using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.Networking; using UnityEngine.UI;

public class Example : NetworkManager { //Assign a Text component in the GameObject's Inspector public Text m_Text;

//Detect when a client connects to the Server public override void OnServerConnect(NetworkConnection connection) { //Change the text to show the connection m_Text.text = "Client " + connection.connectionId + " Connected!"; }

//Detect when a client disconnects from the Server public override void OnServerDisconnect(NetworkConnection connection) { //Change the text to show the loss of connection m_Text.text = "Client " + connection.connectionId + "Connection Lost!"; } }