public void Connect (string serverIp, int serverPort);


serverIpTarget IP address or hostname.
serverPortTarget port number.


Connect client to a NetworkServer instance.

Connecting to a server is asynchronous. There is connection message that is fired when the client connects. If the connection fails, a MsgType.Error message will be generated. Once a connection is established you are able to send messages on the connection using NetworkClient.Send(). If using other features of the high level api, the client should call NetworkClient.IsReady() once it is ready to participate in the game. At that point the client will be sent spawned objects and state update messages.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Networking;

public class NetClient { NetworkClient myClient;

public void OnConnected(NetworkConnection conn, NetworkReader reader) { Debug.Log("Connected to server"); }

public void OnDisconnected(NetworkConnection conn, NetworkReader reader) { Debug.Log("Disconnected from server"); }

public void OnError(NetworkConnection conn, NetworkReader reader) { SystemErrorMessage errorMsg = reader.SmartRead<SystemErrorMessage>(); Debug.Log("Error connecting with code " + errorMsg.errorCode); }

public void Start() { myClient = NetworkClient.Instance;

myClient.RegisterHandler(MsgType.SYSTEM_CONNECT, OnConnected); myClient.RegisterHandler(MsgType.SYSTEM_DISCONNECT, OnDisconnected); myClient.RegisterHandler(MsgType.SYSTEM_ERROR, OnError);

myClient.Connect("", 8888); } }