public static string ExtractAsset (Object asset, string newPath);


assetThe sub-asset to extract.
newPathThe file path of the new Asset.

Valor de retorno

string An empty string if Unity has successfully extracted the Asset, or an error message if not.


Creates an external Asset from an object (such as a Material) by extracting it from within an imported asset (such as an FBX file).

NOTE: The feature is currently only available for materials embedded in model assets.

All file paths are relative to the project folder. For example: "Assets/Materials/myMaterial.mat".

Method throws ArgumentNullException when the Asset is null and ArgumentException when the file path is null or empty.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;

public class Extractor { public static void ExtractFromAsset(Object subAsset, string destinationPath) { string assetPath = AssetDatabase.GetAssetPath(subAsset);

AssetDatabase.ExtractAsset(subAsset, destinationPath);

AssetDatabase.WriteImportSettingsIfDirty(assetPath); AssetDatabase.ImportAsset(assetPath, ImportAssetOptions.ForceUpdate); } }