Version: 2017.1
public void DrawProcedural (Matrix4x4 matrix, Material material, int shaderPass, MeshTopology topology, int vertexCount, int instanceCount= 1, MaterialPropertyBlock properties= null);


matrix Transformation matrix to use.
material Material to use.
shaderPass Which pass of the shader to use (or -1 for all passes).
topology Topology of the procedural geometry.
vertexCount Vertex count to render.
instanceCount Instance count to render.
properties Additional material properties to apply just before rendering. See MaterialPropertyBlock.


Add a "draw procedural geometry" command.

When the command buffer executes, this will do a draw call on the GPU, without any vertex or index buffers. This is only useful on Shader Model 4.5 level hardware where shaders can read arbitrary data from ComputeBuffer buffers.

In the vertex shader, you'd typically use SV_VertexID and SV_InstanceID input variables to fetch data from some buffers.

See Also: DrawProceduralIndirect, MaterialPropertyBlock, Graphics.DrawProcedural.