Version: 2017.1


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public static Collider2D[] OverlapPointAll (Vector2 point, int layerMask= DefaultRaycastLayers, float minDepth= -Mathf.Infinity, float maxDepth= Mathf.Infinity);


minDepth Only include objects with a Z coordinate (depth) greater than or equal to this value.
maxDepth Only include objects with a Z coordinate (depth) less than or equal to this value.
point A point in space.
layerMask Filtro para revisar objetos solamente en capas especificas.

Valor de retorno

Collider2D[] The cast results returned.


Get a list of all colliders that overlap a point in space.

This function is similar to OverlapPoint except that all colliders that overlap the point are returned. The colliders in the returned array are sorted in order of increasing Z coordinate. An empty array is returned if there are no colliders over the point.

Note that this function will allocate memory for the returned Collider2D array. You can use OverlapPointNonAlloc to avoid this overhead if you need to make the check frequently.

See Also: OverlapPoint, OverlapPointNonAlloc.