Version: 2017.1


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public void SetIndices (int[] indices, MeshTopology topology, int submesh, bool calculateBounds);
public void SetIndices (int[] indices, MeshTopology topology, int submesh);


indices The array of indices that define the Mesh.
topology The topology of the Mesh, e.g: Triangles, Lines, Quads, Points, etc. See MeshTopology.
submesh The submesh to modify.
calculateBounds Calculate the bounding box of the Mesh after setting the indices. This is done by default. Use false when you want to use the existing bounding box and reduce the CPU cost of setting the indices.


Sets the index buffer for the sub-Mesh.

A sub-Mesh is simply a separate indices array. When the Mesh Renderer uses multiple Materials, you should ensure that there are as many sub-Meshes as Materials.

SetTriangles and triangles always set the Mesh to be composed of triangle faces. Use SetIndices to create a Mesh composed of lines or points.

See Also: subMeshCount, MeshTopology enum.