public bool allowSceneActivation ;



当与 LoadLevelAsync 和 LoadLevelAdditiveAsync 结合使用时,它允许您 延时场景的实际激活。(并卸载前一个场景)。

allowSceneActivation 设置为 false 时,进度将在 0.9 处停止。isDone 保持 false 状态。当 allowSceneActivation 设置为 true 时,isDone 可以完成。虽然 isDone 为 false,但 AsyncOperation 队列已停止。例如,如果 LoadSceneAsync.allowSceneActivation 设置为 false,并且另一个 AsyncOperation(例如 SceneManager.UnloadSceneAsync)已初始化,则在第一个 allowSceneActivation 设置为 true 之前不会调用最后一个操作。

//This script lets you load a Scene asynchronously. It uses an asyncOperation to calculate the progress and outputs the current progress to Text (could also be used to make progress bars).

//Attach this script to a GameObject //Create a Button (Create>UI>Button) and a Text GameObject (Create>UI>Text) and attach them both to the Inspector of your GameObject //In Play Mode, press your Button to load the Scene, and the Text changes depending on progress. Press the space key to activate the Scene. //Note: The progress may look like it goes straight to 100% if your Scene doesn’t have a lot to load.

using System.Collections; using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.SceneManagement; using UnityEngine.UI;

public class AsyncOperationProgressExample : MonoBehaviour { public Text m_Text; public Button m_Button;

void Start() { //Call the LoadButton() function when the user clicks this Button m_Button.onClick.AddListener(LoadButton); }

void LoadButton() { //Start loading the Scene asynchronously and output the progress bar StartCoroutine(LoadScene()); }

IEnumerator LoadScene() { yield return null;

//Begin to load the Scene you specify AsyncOperation asyncOperation = SceneManager.LoadSceneAsync("Scene3"); //Don't let the Scene activate until you allow it to asyncOperation.allowSceneActivation = false; Debug.Log("Pro :" + asyncOperation.progress); //When the load is still in progress, output the Text and progress bar while (!asyncOperation.isDone) { //Output the current progress m_Text.text = "Loading progress: " + (asyncOperation.progress * 100) + "%";

// Check if the load has finished if (asyncOperation.progress >= 0.9f) { //Change the Text to show the Scene is ready m_Text.text = "Press the space bar to continue"; //Wait to you press the space key to activate the Scene if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Space)) //Activate the Scene asyncOperation.allowSceneActivation = true; }

yield return null; } } }