Version: 2017.3




//For this example to work, attach a NetworkIdentity component to your GameObject.
//Then, create a new empty GameObject and drag it under your NetworkIdentity GameObject in the Hierarchy. This makes it the child of the GameObject. //Next, attach a TextMesh component to the child GameObject. You can then place this TextMesh GameObject to be above your GameObject in the Scene.
//Attach this script to the parent GameObject, and it changes the text of the TextMesh to the identity of your GameObject.

using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.Networking;

public class NetworkIdentityNetID : MonoBehaviour { NetworkIdentity m_Identity; //This is a TextMesh component that you attach to the child of the NetworkIdentity GameObject TextMesh m_TextMesh;

void Start() { //Fetch the NetworkIdentity component of the GameObject m_Identity = GetComponent<NetworkIdentity>(); //Enter the child of your GameObject (the GameObject with the TextMesh you attach) //Fetch the TextMesh component of it m_TextMesh = GetComponentInChildren(typeof(TextMesh)) as TextMesh; //Change the Text of the TextMesh to show the netId m_TextMesh.text = "ID : " + m_Identity.netId; } }