Version: 2022.3
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public static Texture2D CaptureScreenshotAsTexture(int superSize);


public static Texture2D CaptureScreenshotAsTexture(ScreenCapture.StereoScreenCaptureMode stereoCaptureMode);


superSize Factor by which to increase resolution.
stereoCaptureMode Specifies the eye texture to capture when stereo rendering is enabled.


Captures a screenshot of the game view into a Texture2D object.

When superSize parameter is larger than 1, a larger resolution screenshot will be produced. For example, passing 4 will make the screenshot be 4x4 larger than it normally would. This is useful to produce screenshots for printing.

To get a reliable output from this method you must make sure it is called once the frame rendering has ended, and not during the rendering process. A simple way of ensuring this is to call it from a coroutine that yields on WaitForEndOfFrame. If you call this method during the rendering process you will get unpredictable and undefined results.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class ScreenShotter : MonoBehaviour { IEnumerator RecordFrame() { yield return new WaitForEndOfFrame(); var texture = ScreenCapture.CaptureScreenshotAsTexture(); // do something with texture

// cleanup Object.Destroy(texture); }

public void LateUpdate() { StartCoroutine(RecordFrame()); } }