Version: 2021.3
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public static Texture customReflection;


Custom specular reflection cubemap.

Specifies a cubemap for use as a default specular reflection.

See Also: defaultReflectionMode.

using UnityEngine;

// This example creates and uses a real-time Reflection Probe to update a Cubemap. The Cubemap is then used as a default specular reflection. public class UpdateDefaultReflection : MonoBehaviour { private ReflectionProbe probeComponent = null; private Cubemap cubemap = null; private int renderId = -1;

void Start() { GameObject probeGameObject = new GameObject("Default Reflection Probe");

// Use a location such that the new Reflection Probe will not interfere with other Reflection Probes in the Scene. probeGameObject.transform.position = new Vector3(0, -1000, 0);

// Create a Reflection Probe that only contains the Skybox. The Update function controls the Reflection Probe refresh. probeComponent = probeGameObject.AddComponent<ReflectionProbe>() as ReflectionProbe; probeComponent.resolution = 256; probeComponent.size = new Vector3(1, 1, 1); probeComponent.cullingMask = 0; probeComponent.clearFlags = UnityEngine.Rendering.ReflectionProbeClearFlags.Skybox; probeComponent.mode = UnityEngine.Rendering.ReflectionProbeMode.Realtime; probeComponent.refreshMode = UnityEngine.Rendering.ReflectionProbeRefreshMode.ViaScripting; probeComponent.timeSlicingMode = UnityEngine.Rendering.ReflectionProbeTimeSlicingMode.NoTimeSlicing;

// A cubemap is used as a default specular reflection. cubemap = new Cubemap(probeComponent.resolution, probeComponent.hdr ? TextureFormat.RGBAHalf : TextureFormat.RGBA32, true); }

// The Update function refreshes the Reflection Probe and copies the result to the default specular reflection Cubemap. void Update() { // The texture associated with the real-time Reflection Probe is a render target and RenderSettings.customReflection is a Cubemap. We have to check the support if copying from render targets to Textures is supported. if ((SystemInfo.copyTextureSupport & UnityEngine.Rendering.CopyTextureSupport.RTToTexture) != 0) { // Wait until previous RenderProbe is finished before we refresh the Reflection Probe again. // renderId is a token used to figure out when the refresh of a Reflection Probe is finished. The refresh of a Reflection Probe can take mutiple frames when time-slicing is used. if (renderId == -1 || probeComponent.IsFinishedRendering(renderId)) { if (probeComponent.IsFinishedRendering(renderId)) { // After the previous RenderProbe is finished, we copy the probe's texture to the cubemap and set it as a custom reflection in RenderSettings. Graphics.CopyTexture(probeComponent.texture, cubemap as Texture);

RenderSettings.customReflection = cubemap; RenderSettings.defaultReflectionMode = UnityEngine.Rendering.DefaultReflectionMode.Custom; }

renderId = probeComponent.RenderProbe(); } } } }