Version: 2020.3
  • C#


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public static void EmitFrameMetaData(Guid id, int tag, Array data);
public static void EmitFrameMetaData(Guid id, int tag, List<T> data);
public static void EmitFrameMetaData(Guid id, int tag, NativeArray<T> data);


id Module identifier. Used to distinguish metadata streams between different plugins, packages or modules.
tag Data stream index.
data Binary data.


Write metadata associated with the current frame to the Profiler stream.

Use EmitFrameMetaData to write arbitrary binary data to the profiler stream. Data must contain only blittable types.

using System;
using System.Diagnostics;
using Unity.Collections;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Profiling;

public class Example { public struct TextureInfo { public int format; public int w; public int h; }

public static readonly Guid kMyProjectId = new Guid("7E1DEA84-51F1-477A-82B5-B5C57AC1EBF7"); public static readonly int kTextureInfoTag = 0; public static readonly int kTextureDataTag = 1;

[Conditional("ENABLE_PROFILER")] public void EmitTextureToProfilerStream(Texture2D t) { if (!Profiler.enabled) return; TextureInfo textureInfo = new TextureInfo() { format = (int)t.format, w = t.width, h = t.height }; NativeArray<byte> textureData = t.GetRawTextureData<byte>(); Profiler.EmitFrameMetaData(kMyProjectId, kTextureInfoTag, new[] { textureInfo }); Profiler.EmitFrameMetaData(kMyProjectId, kTextureDataTag, textureData); } }

Writing large chunks of data might increase profiler overhead and memory usage. Always check if Profiler is enabled before generating data. When possible, write data in small chunks to reduce memory usage.

See Also: HierarchyFrameDataView.GetFrameMetaData.