Version: 2022.3
  • C#


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public static Profiling.CustomSampler Create(string name, bool collectGpuData);


name Name of the Sampler.
collectGpuData Specifies whether this Sampler records GPU timings. If you want the Sampler to record GPU timings, set this to true.


CustomSampler CustomSampler object or null if a built-in Sampler with the same name exists.


Creates a new CustomSampler for profiling parts of your code.

Multiple calls with the same name parameter return different CustomSampler objects which refer to the same native representation. CustomSampler represents scripting profiler label.

Method throws ArgumentNullException when used with null string.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Profiling;

public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour { CustomSampler sampler; void Start() { sampler = CustomSampler.Create("MyCustomSampler"); }

void Update() { sampler.Begin(); // do something that takes a lot of time sampler.End(); } }

Additional resources: CustomSampler.Begin, Sampler.Get.