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OnParticleUpdateJobScheduled is called when a Particle System's built-in update job has been scheduled.

This can be used to attach custom managed jobs to run after the default particle update.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.ParticleSystemJobs;

public class JobScript : MonoBehaviour { void OnParticleUpdateJobScheduled() { ParticleSystem ps = GetComponent<ParticleSystem>(); new UpdateParticlesJob { m_DeltaTime = Time.deltaTime }.Schedule(ps); }

struct UpdateParticlesJob : IJobParticleSystem { public float m_DeltaTime;

public void Execute(ParticleSystemJobData particles) { var positionsY = particles.positions.x;

for (int i = 0; i < particles.count; i++) { positionsY[i] += 3.0f * m_DeltaTime; } } } }

In order to retrieve detailed information about all the collisions caused by the ParticleSystem, ParticlePhysicsExtensions.GetTriggerParticles must be used to retrieve the array of Particle.