Version: 2020.3
  • C#


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public static int materialUpdateTimeSlice;


The number of milliseconds that can be spent on material updates.

Material updates render albedo and emissive textures per system on the GPU, read them back and pass the buffers to Realtime GI. This happens automatically for all the new systems when a scene is loaded. The timeslice amount limits how much time is spent on those steps on the main thread in each frame.

Material updates are processed one system at a time until the timeslice amount is reached/exceeded. The granularity is of one system, so it is possible that material updates will take more than the timeslice amount.

Minimum value: 0. If there are any scheduled material updates in the current frame, only one system will be processed.
Maximum value: Int32.MaxValue. All the scheduled material updates will be processed in one go. Restores the pre-2017.2 behaviour.
Default value: 8 milliseconds.