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public static function BuildNavMeshData(buildSettings: AI.NavMeshBuildSettings, sources: List<NavMeshBuildSource>, localBounds: Bounds, position: Vector3, rotation: Quaternion): AI.NavMeshData;
public static AI.NavMeshData BuildNavMeshData(AI.NavMeshBuildSettings buildSettings, List<NavMeshBuildSource> sources, Bounds localBounds, Vector3 position, Quaternion rotation);


buildSettings Settings for the bake process, see NavMeshBuildSettings.
sources List of input geometry used for baking, they describe the surfaces to walk on or obstacles to avoid.
localBounds Bounding box relative to position and rotation which describes the volume where the NavMesh should be built. Empty bounds is treated as no bounds, i.e. the NavMesh will cover all the inputs.
position Center of the NavMeshData. This specifies the origin for the NavMesh tiles (See Also: NavMeshBuildSettings.tileSize).
rotation Orientation of the NavMeshData, you can use this to generate NavMesh with an arbitrary up-vector – e.g. for walkable vertical surfaces.


NavMeshData Returns a newly built NavMeshData, or null if the NavMeshData was empty or an error occurred. The newly built NavMeshData, or null if the NavMeshData was empty or an error occurred.


Builds a NavMesh data object from the provided input sources.

Note: that NavMeshBuilder.BuildNavMeshData has same effect as creating a new empty NavMeshData and calling NavMeshBuilder.UpdateNavMeshData.