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public var eventMask: int;
public int eventMask;
public eventMask as int


Mask to select which layers can trigger events on the camera.

Just as the camera's cullingMask determines if the camera is able to see the GameObject, the event mask determines whether the GameObject is able to receive mouse events. Only objects visible by the camera and whose layerMask overlaps with the camera's eventMask will be able to receive OnMouseXXX events. Setting this mask to zero will improve performance and is recommended if you don't use OnMouseXXX events. See Layers for more information. See Also: MonoBehaviour.OnMouseEnter See Also: MonoBehaviour.OnMouseExit See Also: MonoBehaviour.OnMouseOver See Also: MonoBehaviour.OnMouseDown See Also: MonoBehaviour.OnMouseOver See Also: MonoBehaviour.OnMouseUp See Also: MonoBehaviour.OnMouseDrag See Also: MonoBehaviour.OnMouseUpAsButton.